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Model Skycamp 2.0 Skycamp 2X X-Cover Skycamp Mini
Type Hard Shell Hard Shell Soft Shell Hybrid Hard Shell
Capacity 3 - 4 People 2 People 3 - 4 People 2 People
Setup 1 Minute 1 Minute 3 Minutes 1 Minute
Takedown 1 Minute 1 Minute 3 Minutes 1 Minute
Aerodynamic Yes Yes No Yes
Hard Shell Locks Yes Yes No Yes
Load Gear on Top No No Yes No
Skyview Yes
Canopy Windows Yes
Detachable Tent Yes
Detachable Rain Fly Yes
Weight 73 kg 55 kg 55 kg 57 kg
Size (Open) 217 x 230 x 123 cm 217 x 149 x 123 cm 194 x 238 x 123 cm 145.5 x 226 x 123 cm
Size (Closed) 217 x 139 x 32.5 cm 217 x 139 x 32.5 cm 194 x 119 x 34.5 cm 145.5 x 139 x 32.5 cm
Mattress 203 x 197 x 4 cm 129 x 197 x 4.5 cm 227 x 175 x 6 cm 205 x 128 x 4 cm
Floor Aluminum Honeycomb
Price from $5,395 from $4,795 from $4,795 from $4,795
Ladder Length 211 cm
Ladder Weight Limit 150 kg
Wind Resistance 64 kmh Tested
Max 32 kmh Recommended
Roof Rack / Cross Bars Minimum Requirement
(Dynamic Weight Load)
75 kg 57 kg 57 kg 57 kg
Speed Limit 110 kmh
Tent Weight Limit 408 kg


Thanks to our universal mounting system, iKamper roof top tents fit on most vehicles.

They are designed to be mounted on two normal cross bars (not directly on the roof of the car), such as ones from Rhino Rack, Thule etc. or any other after-market cross bars (same bars you would attach your bike or Kayak to). Our tents come with Mounting Brackets 2.0, which are compatible with a max cross bar height of 3cm and a width of 9cm. For higher cross bars, Mounting Brackets 1.0 should be used.

Check your vehicle's manual or contact manufacturer to know your roof's dynamic weight limit. Dynamic weight refers to the weight supported by your vehicle when it is in motion, while static weight refers to the weight supported by your vehicle when it is stopped.

Make sure your roof rack or cross bars have a dynamic weight load of 75 kg or more for the Skycamp 2.0, or a dynamic weight load of 57 kg or more for the Skycamp 2X, Skycamp Mini and the X-Cover.

iKamper RTTs have two rails underneath the main panel, and are mounted on your cross bars with adjustable mounting brackets. Check the spacing of each model's mounting rails below to make sure it fits your rack. The rails are 4.5cm wide and 2.5cm tall.


IMPORTANT: You agree and acknowledge that is your sole responsibility to determine whether your vehicle or trailer is suitable and safe for use and installation of the Skycamp.


Dynamic weight refers to the weight supported by your vehicle when it is in motion and your roof top tent is closed, while static weight refers to the weight supported by your vehicle when it is stopped and the tent is deployed. The dynamic weight requirements for your vehicle and cross bars / rack system to accommodate our roof top tents is essentially equal to the weight of the tent itself. The dynamic weight capacity takes into account various forces at play when your vehicle is in motion (acceleration, terrain, turning, etc.). We recommend after-market cross bars / rack systems as they have a higher dynamic weight capacity than stock cross bars.

The static weight capacity of your vehicle is much higher than the dynamic weight capacity, as the weight of your roof top tent is dispersed over the entire frame of the vehicle and supported by the ladder. In addition, when your vehicle is parked and your tent is deployed, our roof top tents can hold about 408 kg.


The iKamper ladder is 211 cm. This height is the maximum distance from the ground to the top of your roof rack/cross bars (the ladder itself is 230 cm) – for taller rack heights, ladder extensions are available in 30cm and 60cm sizes.



  • 300gsm Super Density Poly Cotton Canvas
  • Water Resistant
  • Breathable
  • Insulating
  • Long Lasting

Poly-Cotton is breathable (less chance of condensation) and insulates very well so you won't get as hot on a warm day, nor as cold when it is chilly.

It's heavier than typical polyester tent material so quieter in windy conditions.

This fabric also lasts longer than poly (no need to tape seems!) and is more resistant to harmful UV rays.


Most modern tents often use a fully polyester material. At iKamper, we use canvas (65/35 Poly-cotton Blend). Using canvas as opposed to polyester allows constant fresh airflow and full breathability throughout the tent. In addition, these factors drastically decrease the condensation that occurs when sleeping in a tent.

Due to the construction of canvas, it is possible in rare cases that you may experience slight leaking around seams during heavy rain and wind.

Rest assured this would only potentially occur during your first couple of uses in adverse weather conditions.

To combat this, we highly recommend weathering your tent before using in such conditions.

To weather your tent, simply remove the fly, spray all inside seams with water. Use a spray bottle to wet all the seams you can access from the inside of the canvas, close the doors and windows soak the canvas through with a shower hose, and then allow to air dry completely, repeat this process twice more.

The process of soaking the fibres through allows them to completely expand. Once dried, the fibres remain in their expanded state and align themselves evenly, increasing the overall resistance to rain.

Please note: When seasoning the canvas with fly removed, water will leak through seams, zips and canvas, this is normal. When the iKamper has the fly fitted while it rains camping after following the steps above, the seams, canvas and zips will do their job and protect you. If you do experience any seeping from seams, seam sealer is supplied to treat this. After many years of reliable service, all Poly – cotton canvas products – swags and tents will require water proofing at some stage in their life.