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The Aioks [eye-ox] has everything you need for outdoor cooking, all in ONE box.


All your outdoor kitchen needs (table, stoves, cookware, utensils, food and drinks) all fit in the aluminum box.

Two-Burner System

Cook more efficiently! The stoves are engineered by the leader in their field, Kovea, and offer 7500BTU of power each.


The Aioks weighs only 9kg (20lbs) so can easily be rolled or carried.


The Aioks is manufactured at the iKamper facility in South Korea, certified to the highest international standards (ISO 9001 & 14001). It is safe, CSA-certified, and is assembled using quality materials.

Aluminum 5052

The Aioks panels are made of lightweight aluminum, with a powder-coated finish.

Birch Plywood

Tables are made of furniture-grade waterproof birch plywood: very easy to clean!

Stainless Steel

The Aioks locks (3mm wire) and hinges are made of SUS 304 stainless steel: strong and rust-resistant.

Rubber Double Injection

The wide rubber wheels allow you to easily roll the Aioks.

Adjustable Aluminium Legs

The length of all legs can be adjusted, stabilising the Aioks on uneven ground.


Add the Aioks accessories below for a more complete outdoor cooking experience.

LED Light

This rugged light will brighten up your campsite. It's water, dust, and shock proof, and you can control it with your smartphone (256 colors!).

Telescopic Stand

The Aioks stand solves the problem of cooking in the dark, having your hands full and dealing with a cluttered table: Hang the LED light, your MP3 player or car keys from the detachable aluminum stand.

Soft Cooler

Add the removable soft cooler to your Aioks to keep your food and beverages nice and fresh! It fits perfectly in the storage area, and you still have room to keep other items.

Kitchen Utensil Rack

Keep your kitchen organised with the optional utensil rack! Have all utensils within reach while cooking, and fold the shelf into the storage box once done.

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Aioks the movie



Weight: 19.8lbs (9kg)

Storage: 13.2 gallons (50L)


- Panels: aluminum 5052 with powder coating

- Table: furniture-grade birch plywood

Burners: 7500BTU (butane/propane compatible)